"Sharing" or Cross-posting content across different groups

JiveX had a "Share" feature we used quite regularly and I'm wondering if Telligent has this same functionality or a workaround that would accomplish the same thing. 

A outlined in this document from Jive, they explain the purpose of this "Share" feature: 

"In addition to sharing a place itself, you can also share content of one place with another place. This feature comes in handy when you need something to appear in more than one place so that users who tend to focus on one area in the community can easily see it without having to know where to look. A great example of this would be two different teams that have to work closely together and need to reference each other's process documents on occasion."

I would like to do something similar where if someone posted something in an obscure group that does not get a lot of traction, we may want to MOVE that content to a place with higher traffic, but "Share" it back to its place of origination. So it would appear that it exists in two separate groups, but it is only one content item, that has two entry-points for viewing.

In Jive, when you viewed the document in any of the places where it's referenced, you could see in the header (above the doc name) that it exists in other "groups" and you could click to navigate to any of the other locations...


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