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Verint Community Mobile Application

I haven't added a blog post on here for quite some time, the fun of running a busy agency creating great community solutions using the Verint Community platform! 

We mentioned at Verint Engage last year that we were working on a Mobile Application for Verint Community and I am pleased to announce that is now available for general release. 

A base application with color, navigation and logo changes is available for a one off fee of $10k (no license), if required we can perform services work for any customizations such as custom authentication, home page changes, or other features.  The great thing about the application is that it uses a large amount of your existing community theme and pages, which means this is a low cost extension to allow your users to become more engaged.  We are able to publish under 4 Roads or provide you with the packages to be able to publish it under your own corporate identity. Rather than try and explain any more I think it's better I just post up a video, hope you like it and do contact me robert.nash@4-roads.com or Phil Webb phil.webb@4-roads.com for more information.