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Impact of Generative AI on communities. Thursday 30 March 2023. 15.00UK time

We are hosting a special meetup coming Thursday around the topic of Generative AI and especially around the rise of ChatGPT
No presentation but collecting experiences and defining policies, strategies and tactics.

It will be some good old pioneering where none have gone before.

Access is free for all..just register here

  • Bulb 1. A Community Manager is supposed to recommend the organization about GPT policies
    Bulb 2. Outbound: There are opportunities to use GPT as an alternative way to answer questions on a federation of internal systems only. Especially those with knowledge but lesser engagement skills will benefit.
    Bulb 3. Very few report spam incidents with GPT.
    Interrobang️ 4. Inbound: The group has come to realize that it is very hard to oversee the long-term effects of GPT usage. Especially online communities with a utilitarian nature focusing solely on 'shared content' will see the impact. The need to join a community to get an answer is diminished.
    Couple 5. The meeting was deemed groundbreaking and necessary. We left with the feeling that the time was well spent and more time is needed to determine the right strategy and tactics. We will revisit this topic a few times this year (whether we like it or not).

    A few days ago I mentioned that we would assemble a group of professional and seasoned Community Managers and discuss the impact of Generative AI on Online Communities. What will be the policy? What impact does it have on strategy and tactics? Above is the outcome.

    If you want to join this group of groundbreaking community managers, access is free for all. https://lnkd.in/dJfE8xrA

  • "So, Wilfried....what is your position on Generative IA related to online communities?" Bulb If AI is used to improve human life, I'm all for it. Bulb So, if AI is used to improve the value that members experience and does not harm others in the process, I'm all for it. Bulb A community is a group of people with a common interest. If AI will lead to alienation of its member because they feel they are talking to ChatGPT...I am against it. Alarm clock AI is like nuclear power. Used for the right purposes with will do good to the world. Used for the wrong purposes and it will be extremely destructive. X I worry about the fact that now every bad actor has access to this kind of nuclear power. I don't think many people can handle the responsibility of this kind of power and do well. We will see a surge of malicious usages. I worry about even people who intend well but do not oversee their actions. If you thought that giving every world citizen a podium via Twitter was a good idea, then this will dwarf those dynamics. X I worry about that I can't tell my children I stood up against evil AI. #noevilai