Bring back pagination on Forum Thread List

The latest method of navigating through a thread on v10 involves clicking on the 'Load more' repeatedly to wait for each page to load in turn. This has replaced the standard pagination method of displaying page numbers with forward/back and end/beginning buttons used on almost every other equivalent page on every other website.

The reason pagination has become standardised and universal is because it works. Having to click through every page manually just to get to the 'front' of the thread in order to post a reply would be just about workable if threads were never less than a page or two long. Some of ours are hundreds of pages long and so would take perhaps 5 or 10 minutes simply to read the latest posts and reply.

There is an alternative in re-ordering by latest first and this can be set as a default, but then the user is forced to read the thread upside-down which is fairly unnatural and confusing. This confusion and immense time-wasting has replaced the de facto standard model which is simple and fast.

The current model is borderline unusable and a return to 'standard' pagination is desperately required in order to keep the software as a viable option.

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