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Why are our links in email notifications not going to sign-in with redirect url

Ever since we deployed (on premise install), anytime someone clicks on a URL link in a notification is taken to a general error page or an Access Denied message - rather than redirecting to a sign-in page, if the user is not already signed in.  I have ticket open with Zimbra Support, but I wanted to post here in case someone has any ideas.

Also, results are different in Chrome vs. IE.  In some instances, IE goes to general error page ('Sorry, there was a problem with your last request!'), but I can refresh and it redirects to sign-in with url redirect.  For Chrome, it goes right to the sign-in page.

The Access Denied relates to {domainurl}/msgs?MessageID=47.

All of our Groups are listed as Joinless, and Everyone role has limited privilege (site - read content, groups - read content, groups - read groups in list).  Essentially, you have to be signed up to access forum content in certain groups.

Thoughts anyone.