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Notifications for Followed Users

In the article here: 

The first sentence states that when you follow someone you should get notifications regarding their activity. We're not seeing that this is the case in Zimbra 8.5. No emails are sent out when someone you follow performs some activity within Zimbra. 

Is there a solution to receive emails for that activity? If not what would be the best development related route our team should be investigating.

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  • The documentation is not correct, you won't receive notifications from followed user's activity.  It should say that their activity will be visible in your activity stream.    A developer could create add a custom notification that would send emails or show a popup notifcation when a followed user creates content.  INotificationType and IEmailNotificationType would be the interfaces to look at.

    You could attach to the Content Created event to catch any content created by a user or a more specific event, Forum Thread Created if you wanted notifications for only specific types of content.  One thing to be aware of though, is duplicate notifications.  If a user is subscribed to a forum and a user they follow creates a thread in that forum you may end up sending two different notifications/emails for the same item.