Facing Issue in chrome flyout


I am facing issue of getting flyout data in one of my project application.When I am clicking on some of the flyout button in chrome I am getting like Action already running followed by URL . I cannot share my application's URL link as it is confidential. I am giving you below example just for better understanding. 

For an example- https://abc.com:10081/login/!ut/p/z1...

When I am clicking search button inside flyout window one pop up is coming which is blocking the search criteria with  the below  message:

abc.com:10081 says Action already running https://abc.com:10081/login/!ut/p/z1

This issue I am facing only for chrome for some of the flyout's , rest are working fine.

I have checked in other browser like IE, Edge but never faced this type of issue.

So I am looking for the reason why this weird thing is happening. What might be the root cause and how to resolve it.

If anyone can have the answer it will be great help.

Thanks in advance.