Why is the Add Question not an option in the New menu in my new group

I have created a new group and believe I have the group configured properly to enable a forum.  However, the Add Question page is not showing and the Add Question is not included in the New button menu for this group.

How do I enable creating a forum in this new group.



  • Howdy Alann,

    Sounds like there might be a setting that needs to be updated. Would you have time today to jump on a call to give this a review? I'll send you an email to see about setting up a call.



  • Hi . Sorry for the trouble. First, as this is the 9.x forum, are you actually using version 9, or a more recent release? Version 9 is somewhat old, and this setting might have moved.

    In recent versions, you'll want to check that a forum application exists within your group. You can do this by going to your group's homepage > pencil icon > manage group > applications, and ensure that a forum is listed in the group's applications. If not, you can create one there. And then, when managing the forum, you can configure whether it supports discussion, question/answer, or both thread types. If it's configured only for question/answer, the group homepage's "New" button should then include an "Ask a question" option.

  • thanks - I was able to get this working