How to create a Super Achievement ?

I would like to create a Super Achievement. ie. When the user have got a combination of achievements, I would like to grand that user a super achievement. Also, I should be able to differentiate it with the normal achievements. Is this possible in Telligent 9.x ?

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  • Either a role or achievement could be granted in this case, however, the normal process for automating achievement granting (the rules engine) doesn't support rules based on the granting of achievements or provide a way to check that a user has specific achievements.

    This could be implemented as a plugin that handles achievement events and awards achievements based on the combination of achievements the user has (this would use the User Achievements API using a plugin).

    As for differentiation, that could be accomplished via the image/description of the achievement or could be implemented using some custom styling or widgets that check for a user's inclusion in a specific achievement.

  • HI Ben, 

    How would I go about this? I just tried to use the USEr Achievements API link and the page no longer exists 

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