Blog post publication date and profile time zone setting. This is on Telligent 9.2.

Is there a reason why blog post publication date disregards the time zone setting in my profile?  It always uses the computer time.  This is on Telligent 9.2.

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  • we have a scenario that we deem as a bug.  I don't believe it is addressed in 10.0.  Here is the scenario: our server is set to Hawaii time.  We have a user who's computer time is set to Hong Kong (18 hours ahead of Hawaii).  When he creates a blog post, the "Publication Date" under the "Options" tab is set to the user's current computer date/time.  When he creates the post, it does not show up in the blog post list widget.  When an admin were to look at the list of blog posts in the Control Panel, it is set to "Scheduled".  We believe that it is NOT the correct behavior because the user's intention is to create the post now.  But because he is in a timezone that is ahead of the server time, the post will not be displayed until 18 hours later.