Unable to get the list of users while searching via phrase

As per below API , I have a requirement to get the list of the users based on the search criteria. single term or word is returning expected result, but for phrases not returning the data as expected.

Though i have a data but follow query tried with both filter and query options returning 0 records. Please suggest what is wrong here


#set($searchcase = "IT Manager")
#set($filters = "${filters}||profile_Persona::$core_v2_encoding.UrlEncode($searchcase)")

#set($searchcase = "'' TO *")
#set($filters = "${filters}||profile_Persona::$core_v2_encoding.UrlEncode(${searchcase})")

#set ($searchListOptions = "%{ Sort = 'date desc' }")
$searchListOptions.Add("Filters", "type::user${filters}")
#set ($searchResults = $core_v2_searchResult.List($searchListOptions))


#set($searchcase =$core_v2_encoding.UrlEncode("IT Manager"))
#set($searchResults = $core_v2_searchResult.List("%{Query = profile_Persona::${searchcase}}"))