I didnt find any way for "DELETING the SPAM / ABUSED DATA " .


I have created a list of abuse data using this API :

url: jQuery.telligent.evolution.site.getBaseUrl() + 'api.ashx/v2/abusereports.json',
success: function(response) {

Now, I want to delete the abuse data from the abuse data list I have created using abuse list API. I have read https://community.telligent.com/community/archive/w/7-api-documentation/31378/abuse#Examples_and_Demonstrations  in which it is written : 

  1. Content that is confirmed abusive will be permanently deleted.
  2. If the author does not appeal in a timely manner (5 days by default) then the content will be assumed to be abusive and permanently deleted. 
  3. Before content is permanently deleted, it will be archived in te_Content_AbuseExpungedData table in the database for later offline review.

I am new to telligent and not able to understand that  IF WE CAN DELETE THE ABUSE DATA , WHAT WILL BE THE RIGHT APPROACH ?

Kindly Help!