core_v2_ui.Pager and preserving the query param

telligent version 8.5 to add the pagination am using following API method and losing the query param.

$core_v2_ui.Pager($pageIndex, $pageSize, $searchResults.TotalCount, "%{PagedContentFile = $stringResponse, ShowPrevious='true', ShowNext='true', ShowFirst='false', ShowLast='false'}") 

As per API doc and param list t which parameter i could use to preserve query parameter please suggest

#set($stringResponse = $core_v2_ui.Pager($currentPage, $pageSize, $totalItems, "%{BaseUrl = $baseUrlArg, CssClass = $cssClassArg, LoadingIndicator = $loadingIndicatorArg, LoadOnAnyHashChange = $loadOnAnyHashChangeArg, NumberOfPagesToDisplay = $numberOfPagesToDisplayArg, PagedContentFile = $pagedContentFileArg, PagedContentUrl = $pagedContentUrlArg, QueryStringProperty = $queryStringPropertyArg, ShowFirst = $showFirstArg, ShowIndividualPages = $showIndividualPagesArg, ShowLast = $showLastArg, ShowNext = $showNextArg, ShowPrevious = $showPreviousArg, Target = $targetArg, Template = $templateArg, Transition = $transitionArg, TransitionDuration = $transitionDurationArg}"))