Article What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a file format that is used to communicate updates from web-based content. Verint Community provides many RSS feeds to support subscribing to updates via an RSS reader or for integration into other software for syndication.

Finding RSS feeds

RSS readers and browser extensions generally auto-detect RSS feeds as you navigate within Verint Community. Primary RSS feeds can also be exposed using links, generally in the sidebar within the More menu. 

RSS feed options

Within Administration > Site > Syndication and SEO Options, there are two options that govern RSS feeds:

  • Enable Secure Syndication: If enabled, private RSS feed URLs (for feeds from private groups or applications that require special permission to read) will be signed with a member-specific value that will enable the URL to be used in external RSS readers while preserving the permissions of the member retrieving the feed. When not enabled, only publicly accessible information will ever be included in RSS feeds consumed by unauthenticated RSS clients.
  • Enable RSS Search: If enabled, Verint Community will enable subscribing to an RSS feed related to a search from the advanced search page. The search RSS feed can be useful to monitor and subscribe to specific keywords in content across a community.

If you make changes to either of these settings, be sure to click Save to commit the changes.