Speech category durations

We recently added speech into our scope of Verint and we have some questions about avg. durations (and our account manager is unresponsive).

For example, our base avg duration is 6:58 however, when we drill into the categories all the avg. durations are much higher than 6:58. I need to understand why this might be and what would be causing this to not mathematically make sense. 

Calls are hitting multiple categories and I have tried to explain this to my manager but he keeps telling me it should make sense. 

Any thoughts?

  • Howdy   - I'm not certain which Verint products you have implemented, but this site only supports our Verint Community platform which does not include a speech component. Unfortunately, I don't know that there is anyone on this site that can assist you. Verint does offer another online community, Verint Connect [https://connect.verint.com/], designed to support our entire product line. I will also route your message to the team there to ask for their assistance. 

  • Howdy  - I have received the following update from the Speech Analytics team:

    Without understanding all the details, it is common that longer calls match more categories, and that drives the average handle time of categories to be higher than the average handle time of all calls.

    Also very short calls (that generally drive the total average handle time lower), tend to have very few if any category matches.

    This may help to explain what they're experiencing.

    We should set up an outreach session to help review and understand what they're seeing.

      can you send me a private message confirming your company name so that we can get this call scheduled and send you an agenda? Please also let me know who else from your team should be invited to attend.