Wiki Page widget that displays only body content

I'm wondering if there is a way to alter the "Wikis - Page" widget so that it displays only the body text of the wiki page, and not the title or the hoopla at the bottom, i.e., this stuff:

I am betting that I could create a copy of the "Wikis - Page widget", and then delete the appropriate code so that it only displays what I want. Yes? However, as a non-developer and someone whose eyes glaze over when they see code, I have no idea how to do this. So my question is really this: is this an easy thing to do that could be explained in Coding for Kindergartener terms? Or is this something that is complex enough to require real coding knowledge? 

If the former, I'd be grateful for a step-by-step. (And as a thank you, you would receive the "Taught Jocelyn How To Code" achievement, which is actually quite coveted in communities around the world...)