Is there a way to reduce site-wide page margins?

Looking for a way to increase the margin space across the site -- currently, the page loads at 100% which is nearly flush with the edge of the browser window. How can we make it so that the site loads with more space on either side of the main layout (similar to the Verint Community page)? 

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  • Thanks for the quick reply Ben! So this is what I had tried, but I see that if I turn my browser view back to 100%, it's still the same size (whereas on this site, the margins remain). Hoping for a view that is 80%. See screenshots below. I'm also currently using Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141. Are there any other settings I'm missing? 

    Current theme options: 

    100% view: 

    80% view:

  • Could you identify the margins you see on this site?

    This may be an issue with your site's styling with every widget's content in a box. The boxes will go to the width of the layout which will be the width of the browser. On, the widgets are not in boxes, so the padding between the content and the edge of each widget is preserved (about 10 pixels). Is this the margin you're identifying on this site?

  • You can try setting the maximum width to 80% (instead of a pixel value)--this will also work if that's the behavior you desire.