Can I create a plugin to create my own URLs ?

Hi all,

I have read up on the REST interfaces that are available, but these require that my custom API have "/api.ashx/{version}" in the URL.

In my case I have a consumer app that expects my API services to be available via specific URLs, like /myservices/myendpoint or /myendpoint.jspa.  And... it expects my services to use Basic auth.

Question #1: I get that this is not an idea situation, and might not be completely supported, but is it possible to create a plugin that handles any random URL like the ones I mentioned, and doesn't require the usual API key to access them (I would write my own security)?

Question #2: Is there a way create something like a Java servlet filter (as plugin, rule, etc.) in Telligent? ...or for non-Java devs, to write a piece of code that can intercept all requests before the request is handled.  An example of this is a filter that checks the request cookie to verify that the user has been authenticated and redirect to a login page (before the request is handled) if they aren't.  Note: I used authentication as an example, but I am asking if there is a broader ability that could be used for other things.

My fallback is to develop some middleware outside of Telligent that would receive requests on the required URLs and then forward them to Telligent on the standard "/api.ashx/{version}" URLs.  But being able to do this without the need to host another piece of software somewhere would be ideal.

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