How to make site as read-only


We like to run the community as read-only for some time. We have site-level user roles where we can remove permissions and what about the group member, managers, and owners. 

Is it required to go to each group and change permissions or is there any process to do this global.

And we don't want to use Access-code plugin here as we need to show the content to all the users. 

  • Are you on version 10.x? In that case, this would require going to every group and removing any write/create permissions for the appropriate roles (for instance, the Everyone role).

    If this is a toggle that you expect to need to change back and forth, you can use the Permissions APIs to automate this in a widget or plugin (ie, listing groups and removing specific permissions from specific roles in each group, and then reassigning them when turning things back on.)

    On version 12.x, there are new management settings at Administration > Groups > Membership Types and Administration > Groups > Global Permissions that can make changing group permissions easier. When making changes you can specify to overwrite existing groups permissions, which will automatically make the change in every group of that type.