how can apply not equal to in variable

Hi I want all record whose parent id is not 100 as defined in below query

#set($groups = $core_v2_group.List("%{SortBy = 'Name', SortOrder = 'Ascending', PageSize=10,ParentGroupId=!100}"))

but it is including the record of parent id as well , please let me know how i can apply not equal to .

  • That is not a syntax we support when listing groups.

    A couple ideas for this:

    • Use the core_v2_searchResult.List API instead.  That should provide you the option to exclude a group by Id and return the rest.
    • Use $core_v2_group.List and manually exclude group 100 when it is returned in the list.  That will result in your page size being 9 for that one page.
    • Create your own scripted API that retrieves all groups and does your filtering and then returns the correctly paged list.  This could be a performance issue on a site with many groups, but should not be much of a problem on a site with a small number of groups.