Recommended image sizes for columns


Are there recommended image sizes for the various columns available  in page layouts?



  • A few things that I will blatantly copy from other areas. Slight smile

    1) Related thread:  What are the optimal dimensions/resolution for a blog banner?

    2) Expanding on the above thread more... There is really only one place where a specifically sized image is used: in the site banner widget for the logo. In this widget, we do identify the recommended size.

    In other areas, the image will be adjusted either because of the viewing window (aspect ratios change for handheld devices and small browser windows), usage (avatars can be rendered in multiple sizes throughout the site), or pixel density (high DPI screens show higher resolution/larger images in the same physical area as lower DPI screens).

    Site Logo: 250x88 (optimal image size)

    Avatar Dimensions: 300x300

    Cover Photo Dimensions: 1500x500 - each user may upload his/her own profile page cover photo.

  • I have a group owner asking me for specs to create some banners and images for wide and narrow columns. I don't know if relaying the above will be that useful to them...

  • My suggestion would be to determine the area of the columns you are creating the images for, and go larger than than what the area actually is, keeping ratio in mind. That will help with the scaling with responsive to various screen sizes.

    Luke in the thread I linked: So my rule of thumb is to upload an image that is slightly bigger than where it will be rendered.

    I will see if anyone else has more specific dimensions for you, but it will likely be very site/theme specific.

  • I guess that's what I'm asking for, is the area of the columns. Does Telligent have any ballparks at all for them?

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