Downloaded Calendar event (ICS File) is not showing few special characters even after encode

Hi Telligent Team,

I'm taking value from the user as mentioned below:

#set($title = $core_v2_page.GetFormValue('Title'))

In which, Users written some special characters as apostrophe ('), quotes ("), Ampersand (&), greater than or less than symbol (<>) which is appearing fine in page but when we downloaded that event as a .ics file then it shows HTML code for these characters in Calendar.

I also tried to format it ($title) with HTMLEncoding with some of API's such as $core_v2_encoding, $core_v2_ui, $core_v2_widget methods which is provided in Telligent version 10 but still getting &amp; &quot; &#39; &lt; &gt;

Can anybody help me on this?

Version Details:

Rahul Jetli

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