List Status Message REST Endpoint not working as expected

I am using the List Status Message REST Endpoint and am receiving incorrect responses to what I'd expect.

I have tried the multiple variations of the endpoint and they all seem to return incorrect results as far as I can see:

  • api.ashx/v2/groups/#/statuses.json 
  • api.ashx/v2/groups/#/statuses.json
    • This returns only recent Statuses. Unsure as to the cutoff point but it will return any statuses i post the past week, but none of the statuses from last month and earlier
    • However If i delete all recent statuses it will return the latest status even if from a month ago
    • Using the BeforeDate parameter does not appear to help retrieve earlier statuses
  • api.ashx/v2/statuses.json 
    • Doesn't return anything at all in any case just an empty json structure
    "Statuses": [],
    "Info": [],
    "Warnings": [],
    "Errors": []
Any help would be greatly appreciated.