Default image size for uploads


I am on v10.3 and I would like to know if the image size  under the Insert menu in the text editor is a platform default?

Is it possible to change this default value?



  • Hi Oli! I believe this should get you to where you need to go:

    Administration > Interface > Themes > Social (Site) > Overview
    There are two other sections that may be of interest as well to change. We recommend matching them in the three locations for consistency sake.
    Group : Administration > Interface > Themes > Social (Group) > Overview
    Blog Administration > Interface > Themes > Social (Blog) > Overview
    Last note - this has changed a bit in v11 to simplify managing it and to keep things even more consistent.
  • Thx . I would have expected that this is hidden in the TinyMCE editor code as it populates while in edit mode. While you can maximize the size, I would like to have the default match the width of the widget real estate. Will this solution do that? I demo Verint Community a lot to users and always show them how to change the size but I rather just 'fit to width" and not have to worry about the size.