Rich text Editor Preview issue?


I am trying to see text in preview mode but it is giving me error with below code:

$core_v2_editor.Render('PostBody', "%{Width='100%', Height='300px', Value=$body, ContentTypeId = $core_v2_forumThread.ContentTypeId}")

If I'm using normal code without optional fields it is working but with below code: 


This is working but not able to see File upload option under "Insert image/video/file".

Please help me out on this.


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  • File Upload Option Issue: Whenever using below code, File upload option is not available under Insert dropdown.

    File uploading is subject to the content type being edited and content filtering rules. A content type must be provided to the $core_v2_editor.Render() that supports file embedding and enables file embedding through content filtering configuration.

    Preview issue:  Text is not visible via using below code and showing below error respectively.

    This was a bug fixed in