Author exceptions with profanity filter


Is it possible to allow certain users to post content that would normally be stopped by the profanity filter? A colleague wants to post a blog that references breast cancer research, but breast is being caught by the filter right now.

What options are available to exempt content or specific users from being caught by the filter?


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  • Best recommendation is still to actively review your Censorship list for any word(s) that may be acceptable in certain contexts for your community, like medical terminology. If there is still a concern about abuse, look for the Forbidden Word Counts abuse automation (Administration > Moderation > Abuse Automation > Forbidden Word Counts). You can configure questionable words here, and their use will trigger the content to be hidden until a moderator reviews it, if it matches a configured word or pattern and the required count.

  • Hi Steven.  Is it possible to add phrases in the Forbidden Word Counts list?  I have done this already but it does not appear to work.

    If not, I guess I need to figure out how to add them in the Forbidden Patterns field.

    Can you give me an example how I would create a regex for these terms?

    slot gacor
    slot habanero
    slot online

  • Ensure you've enabled the plugin.

    Ensure that the content types you want to moderate are *un*checked on the "Content to Review" tab (only content that you *don't* want to review should be checked on that tab).

    Ensure that the "Number of Allowed Forbidden words" is 0 if you want to immediately flag any instance of those words.

    You can add each of those phrases to the Forbidden Words list, on separate lines as you have done.

    Also keep in mind that there are also various ways to be exempt from this abuse checking, and that you might be testing with an account that is exempt. Review the documentation for more details:  How does moderation and abuse work?  

  • Hi Steven,

    I have enabled the plugin and the forbidden words is catching the words but I am not sure the forbidden patterns is working.  Here is what I have for the 3 phrases above:


    Is this the correct way to code the regex for phrases or can I just add the phrases to the forbidden words list?  I would prefer being able to catch phrases as well.

    Please let me know.


  • What is your configuration for the simple Forbidden Words box (not the regex)? I used the phrases you specified and triggered the abuse workflow with the following configuration:

    If you need variations on these phrases, such as "slots" or "slot", that would be a use case for the regex matcher. If you need help building/testing the regex, I'd recommend an online regex builder such as

  • I do have the number of allowed words set to zero as you mentioned previously and I added and tested these phrases and found that it did indeed flag them as spam.

    I did check the regex site you mentioned but was not sure which 'flavor' or language to use since I know the communities run on a Windows platform.

    Anyway, it seems that we should be good now and I will keep tweaking things as new words get through the filters.


  • Any flavor should do, as it mostly affects the delimiters. Once you have your regex written and tested to your satisfaction, copy it without the leading and trailing delimiters and use that in Community.

  • I got an expression but while it works on the reg expression sit it does not work in the forbidden patter field:


    Which should catch joker's jewels and joker’s jewels but doesn't.

  • I reproduced this behavior and logged a bug.

    TE-17058: Forbidden Words does not match Html Encoded characters

    This would only affect characters that get HTML encoded, like the apostrophes in your example.

  • Thanks Steven.  Yeah, I guess if people use the editor it will use the non-encoded apostrophe but if people copy content from Word it will be the encoded version.