Why is group mention limited to 500 members?


We were wondering why Group mention is limited to 500 users? Because our groups have more than 500 members and don't get the notification now.

Does anyone know if it is possible to overrule?



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  • Is it your expectation that anytime a group is mentioned all members get a notification?   We are currently evaluating this notification type as it is written and finding that it actually could be construed as nuisance versus a benefit since it could potentially result in many unwanted notifications.  What is the use case for having all members of a group notified on a mention?

  • Hi Patrick, We have fairly large groups with many users. We want to use the notification to indicate that new content is available. It is now also unclear on what basis he selects the group of 500. Some get a notification and others don't. It would be nice if the limit is removed and changed to a default value of 500. Then we have the option to change it if needed. Thanks for your help!