Changing system terminology

Im upgrading to 10, and want to change some of the system terminology, for example 'Blog' to 'Newsfeed', 'Friends' to 'Colleagues' etc. 

Anyone know where I do this?

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  • Thanks yes I did see your reply, but understood you to mean that these are resource strings that are separate to the site terms. What I was really after is an exhaustive list of the default site terms (tokens and original terms). Once I have amended these, then I can look at which widgets have not consumed terms from there and adjust as necessary. 

  • The exhaustive default list is, in fact, only those 26 items. Site terms are unfortunately a somewhat legacy feature that are difficult to extend for multiple cultures and rarely consumed by the UI. While you may find changing them useful, I'd suggest you still investigate resource string exports/imports, as these phrases will likely appear more often than not directly within resource strings rather than as term references.

    That said, here is the default set:

    article_lowercase document
    article_propercase Document
    friend_lowercase friend
    friend_propercase Friend
    friends_lowercase friends
    friends_propercase Friends
    friendship_lowercase friendship
    friendship_propercase Friendship
    friendships_lowercase friendships
    friendships_propercase Friendships
    group_lowercase group
    group_propercase Group
    groups_lowercase groups
    groups_propercase Groups
    page_lowercase document
    page_propercase Document
    pages_lowercase documents
    pages_propercase Documents
    wiki_lowercase documentation
    wiki_page_lowercase document
    wiki_page_propercase Document
    wiki_pages_lowercase documents
    wiki_pages_propercase Documents
    wiki_propercase Documentation
    wikis_lowercase documentation
    wikis_propercase Documentation