$core_v2_editor.render to allow users to upload a file from local .

Hi ,

Am trying to create a form with body using  

 . Everything is working fine but cant able to find insert image/file from local computer option under Insert > Image/file/video .

How can i enable this option on the editor .

Note : This option should be available for all the users .

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  • In 10.x, the file upload option is only enabled when a ContentTypeId is specified referencing a content type that supports file embedding and has file uploading enabled in its content filtering options. Files uploaded through the editor are stored in temporary storage (and are deleted after 2 hours) and must be processed and stored in a long-term location. Content types supporting file embedding get access to APIs to find and move files in content supplied by the editor.

    In 11.1, the file uploading option is more accessible and can be enabled anywhere by creating the editor through the new evolutionHtmlEditor jQuery plugin. Note that even in this case, files are stored in temporary storage and must be relocated when saved.