Trouble with the featured content slider article sort

Hi. We're having some trouble with the featured content article sorting. I saw a post here from three years ago about this, but for an earlier version. What I'm seeing in 10x is that it doesn't seem to matter when the featured start date is set for an article, the sort seems to be random in the slider. Any ideas?   

  • In the out-of-the-box implementation of the Featured Content Carousel widget, features are ordered by the date they were featured (when featuring was configured for the content). 

    I've logged a bug to update the default sort to be by feature start date:


    As a work-around, you can edit the Featured Content Carousel widget, and adjust the load-features.vm file to add SortBy='StartDate' to the feature listing call.

  • Telligent Community
    0 Telligent Community 8 months ago
    TE-15068: Default feature sorting in the featured content carousel widget is by feature date. Should be start date. has been completed for 12.0.0