How do I edit the content of the abuse notification email message

When I review the Notifications and Emails found in Administration I am unable to find which ones are used when a forum thread enters the abuse workflow.  We would like to modify the verbiage to better suit our audience but I can't seem to find where these message templates are stored.

  • Hey,

    You can edit email templates by going to "Administration" > "Notifications"

    Some emails (the ones that tend to be based on site content) are in the "Notifications" section of the second (white) left hand menu, the others are in the "Email" section of that menu.

    I think the ones your looking for here are the Abuse notifications, and probably the "Abusive Author Content", which is sent to the author of some content when it is first flagged as abusive.

    You can edit the content in the Templates and Resources sections, you may need to click through the tokens to see the full content, for example on the "Abusive Author Content" when you choose the "Email - Body" you only see this:

    Clicking on the grey "Content - Content Type Id" box and choosing "Edit" will bring up another editor containing more detail:

    Hope this helps,