Is glowModal deprecated?

Platform version

We use a glowModal dialog to present a consent notice when user's log into our site. It's hard to find documentation for using modals within the platform. In fact, "glowModal" has been removed from the 10.x jQuery Plugins documentation: In the platform widgets, I've seen use of Telligent_Modal.Open() which seem to be a wrapper around glowModal. I've tried to emulate that but I've not figured out how to dismiss a Telligent_Modal dialog from an onclick event, nor can I find any official documentation.

We're concerned that we're using a deprecated feature.What is the supported mechanism for showing a modal dialog? Is there documentation available or examples that we can follow?

  • Hi . Sorry for the delay in response! jQuery.fn.glowModal, like the rest of glow and the other server and client-side APIs introduced and expanded upon since 6.0, is upgrade-safe and still fully supported in 10.x and 11. It's also still relied upon by the platform's own UI. It's only accidental that its documentation was not included in the current auto-generated docs, and this will be addressed. Thank you for the feedback!