slow performance

If we're experiencing slow performance in generating the home page of our community (for the past few days it's taken 15-20 seconds to generate if going back to the home page from another page), what should we check out to decipher what's happened? We haven't made any significant edits to the home page recently, and I don't see any exceptions or error events that would seem pertinent, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for. Thanks!

  • When you experience a slow page, there are a few things to review to start:

    1. Do users on other networks/computers experience the same issue? If not, it could be local network, internet connection, or local computer problem.
    2. Open your browser's developer tools, select the "Networking" report/tab, and load the affected page. Review the results. Specifically check. Does the main document load in a reasonable amount of time? If the homepage document itself (likely the first item in the networking tab or filterable if you select "Documents" only if your browser supports that) slow or not? If the main document is slow and other requests are fast, move to step 3. If only only secondary requests are slow (which could block the page from rendering or at least rendering fully), it may be an issue with those specific resources (if they're on another server, it could be an issue with that server or your connection to it).
    3. With all other browser windows/tabs to your community closed, navigate to Administration > Monitoring > Tracing and start tracing, then open a new tab and load the homepage of the community. Go back to the tracing tab and stop the the trace and review the results. View the details of the main page load (likely labeled "~/") and see if there is a component of the page's rendering that is exceptionally slow and report that issue here.

    If you would like assistance in these or follow-on steps, I recommend opening a support ticket so you can get more direct help.