Resized Image REST API Broken in

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For any request using the /resized-image rest api endpoint, the application is throwing a 403 forbidden response at me. The IIS App Pool identity has access to the requested folder in the filestorage.  This is only happening for images using /resized-image.  Is this a known bug?



Response: You do not have permission to view this directory or page.

Status Code: 403

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  • Michael, I appreciate the help as always.  We were able to determine the cause of these problems and steps for resolution.

    For blog posts that were created and then moved to another blog application, the physical image file and PostImageUrl does not get moved/updated to reference the new blog id in the file path.  If you then delete the original blog application (which I did), even though the folder still exists in the filestorage, the application no longer sees that blog id in the database and does not allow access to the files which throws the 403.

    To resolve the issue, I will need to determine which blog posts have images located in folders other than their own blogid folder, physically copy those images to the appropriate folder, and then update the [te_Blog_Posts].PostImageUrl column to reflect the new location.