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For any request using the /resized-image rest api endpoint, the application is throwing a 403 forbidden response at me. The IIS App Pool identity has access to the requested folder in the filestorage.  This is only happening for images using /resized-image.  Is this a known bug?



Response: You do not have permission to view this directory or page.

Status Code: 403

  • That isn't a REST API, its not meant to be called directly because it relies on you being signed in to the community.  In 11 that url would respect API authentication but not earlier, and this would have always been the case.  The REST API for files is

  • Sorry, I didn't mention that we're using the default "Blog - Post List" wdiget in a grid layout with thumbnails showing.

    Looking at the widget code, this section is where its grabbing the URL to display. Sometimes it uses:


    and sometimes it uses:


    Its the latter that is throwing 403 for me

    #if ($showthumbnail)
    	<div class="avatar">
    	    #if ($viewLayout == 'grid')
    	        #set ($imageWidth = 512)
    		    #set ($imageHeight = 256)
    			#set ($imageWidth = 100)
    			#set ($imageHeight = 100)
    		<a href="$core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($post.Url)">
    			$core_v2_ui.GetResizedImageHtml($postImage, $imageWidth, $imageHeight, "%{border='0px', alt=$post.Name, ResizeMethod = 'ZoomAndCrop' }")

  • Your code does not show what postImage is, this could still be the result of no access to the blog.  Or you have not configured your centralized filestorage permissions correctly in windows

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