Reporting - can i export to csv with all fields from the reporting tool

Hi, we have just upgraded to allow us access to reporting and all the data looks great. Telligent forms 50% of our intranet so we are hoping to export data from Telligent and use it in Power BI as we need to combine it with data from the other half of our intranet.

I've done some work to identify where the data sits in the reporting tool but it looks like i'll have to run a large amount of individual csv exports to get all the data i need. What would help is if i could run a complete data export which doesn't align with the reporting tool structure. That would allow us to import everything to Power BI and build the dashboards we require.

To give an example, i can get all the interactions from the user interactions report but if i want to include view data in that report i have to run a separate csv export, but that doesnt have the same level of data that the interactions report has. That data is available but only through drilling down into the tool. To gain the same level of user insight for just views i think i'd have to run a csv on every single one of our 6000 user base just to add to the interactions data.

I believe that all the data i need is available its just used differently in the tool than we need. I just want a RAW csv download which shows every user and every interaction and view by that user. It will be big but that's fine. Also if there is API access to the RAW data that would also work.


As a minimum it would help if i could run a view export with exactly the same columns as the interactions export. This would allow me to map the data together.

Happy to discuss on the phone in more detail if required. 

Many thanks