Notifications when Following Members


I am trying to write a help document for our members to understand where they may view content and activities generated by people they follow in our community. I just read this post: from four years ago. It claims that I will see activity from members I follow in my activity stream. I just tested this by following one of my test accounts and then impersonating that test account and posting a question in a public group. I do not see the question for this followed member.

Does anyone know where I can locate followed member activity?


  • That thread is correct, in that, out of the box, there isn't a way to receive notifications per se when followed users post content. You can receive notifications related to specific actions in specific applications (forum replies, for example) and those are configurable in your user's site settings (User Avatar > User Settings > Notifications). It's also possible to customize this behavior to extend what types of notifications are sent with plugins.

    The thread is also correct in mentioning it is possible to see activities from followed users. An easy way to confirm this is to perform some activity (such as creating a forum thread or status message) and then viewing that user's activity stream in their profile. (User's profile > Activity, for example: That activity data is also surfaced in activity stream widgets in the group or on the site.

    The activity listed in activity stream widgets can be influenced by several factors:

    1. The configuration of the widget
      1. The stream widget can be configured to only show certain types of activity from certain sources
    2. The user's settings
      1. A user can specify whether or not activity they perform in the community generates activity stories (User Avatar > User Settings > Activity Visibility)
    3. The permissions of the user viewing the activity stream
      1. In case the group or application is unavailable to the viewing user
    4. The algorithm that governs ordering, updating, and bumping up activity stories
      1. To attempt to maximize relevance, the platform attempts to identify more important stories first. This can be configured in Administration > Activity Stream > Activity Story Updates

    Hope this helps!