Moving threads - some forums are not available?

We recently upgraded to 10.3 and in the new UI when we attempt to move a thread, some of our forums are not displayed in the drop down menu to select which forum to move to, and in some cases forums that are visible and joinless, will display an error message saying (author of thread) doesn't have permission to post in that forum, even though there is no issue with posting permissions. 

Is there a setting in the new UI to make the forums discoverable?


  • To move a forum,

    1. The user moving the thread must be able to modify the thread (in its current forum).
    2. The user moving the thread must be able to create a thread in the target forum.
    3. If the thread being moved has any replies, the user moving the thread must be able to create replies in the target forum.

    Are those criteria met in the situations where forums aren't showing or the move fails?

  • Yes.  We have verified user (moderator or administrator) can edit thread, create threads and create replies in the target forums.  We have not provided explicit permission to the moderator role for create threads and replies in each group, since they have this permission site wide as a registered user. 

    As an administrator I can move a thread to some of the forums in the list, but only about 10 of our 28 public forums are in the list.

  • but only about 10 of our 28 public forums are in the list.

    Are all of your forums in a single group? If not, the group must be selected first.

    Can you search for the missing forums by name, application id, or URL? If so, are they found?

  • The forum structure is like this

    • Site Root
      • Group 1
        • Group A
        • Group B
        • Group C
      • Group 2
      • Group 3
      • Group 4

    Some of the tier 3 (A,B,C) groups appear in the top level list when moving, group 2 and 3 do not even though I'm working in a site root forum, and if I click on Group 1 and search for applications, I receive the response that there are no applications found where thread author has permission to post. 

  • Do all of these groups have forums or are forums only located in specific groups?

    I you search for group 2 or 3 (by name, ID, or URL), do they show in the "To" box?

  • Yes, Ben. That seems to work! I can start typing the group name and then select with no issues! Thank you. I'm sure most of my issues are the learning curve with the new UI. Thanks so much for your help!