Adding Achievement to User via API

We are starting to use Achievements more on our site, so we created a Custom Achievement that we wish to add to all the users that attended our annual conference. I'm wanting to do this via the API (using an API Key), but every time I attempt to follow the example in the Documentation, it is acting as if I'm sending a GET command instead of a POST. I'm looking at the information here:

The request I'm making via Postman as a test is: POST http://{{url}}/api.ashx/v2/achievement/{{achievementGuid}}/user/{{userId}}.json

This is returning { "": null, "Errors": [ "User Achievement not found." ] }. I was able to use the achievement/{{achievementGuid}} and pull the information for the Achievement without issue.

Any suggestions?

  • Well, I think I figured it out. Looks like Postman recently added some additional temporary header values to the request. These were causing it to not process correctly. I disabled those options and it appears to be working now. Hopefully if anyone else runs into this they can find that information here.

    In Postman, go under File > Settings, then disable all the options under the General \ Headers section to resolve