Telligent 10.3 and accessing WIKI pages shows pencil icon for ordinary logged in user

in Telligent  version 10.3,   When I navigate to a wiki page, as an ordinary logged in user without admin privileges, I see a pencil icon that only should visible to admins to able to access any level of the admin panel. 

Please let us know how we can hide .




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  • What is the full version of community you are running Administration > About > Version?

    To confirm, the user is only a member of the Everyone and Registered Users role? Can you show what the permissions are for these roles by going to the wiki > Pencil Icon > Manage Wiki > Permissions > Site Roles  and show the permissions for both the Everyone & the Registered Users role?

    Can you also do the same check by going to Manage Group > Permissions and check the Members permission here along permissions on the Site Roles tab for the Everyone & Registered Users?

    If you go Administration > Membership > Roles > Registered Users > Permissions and if you change any permissions and save are there any exceptions logged?

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