API issue of core_v2_conversation not getting messages in USer profile message box

Hi Telligent Team,

I'm not able to get the messages while submission of a form or update something in v10.3. I checked $core_v2_conversation is not supported subject now. So, I implement as per new API like below:-

#set($conversationResponse = $core_v2_conversation.Create( $body, $accessingUser))
But still not able to get a message in the mailbox. Also found a strange thing. In another page, I forgot to remove the subject from API but still that page is working fine. After submission of that page, I'm getting submission message in my mailbox. Using the below API:- 

#set($conversationResponse = $core_v2_conversation.Create($subject, $body, $accessingUser))

Rahul Jetli

  • Those two calls follow the same code path (the subject is just ignored when the older version of the API is called).  Are there any exceptions logged when its not working for you?  What are you getting back in the conversationResponse?

  • Thanks Mathew for your response...

    No, There is no such exceptions logged there. Even I tried the Rest API, code is below:-

    url: jQuery.telligent.evolution.site.getBaseUrl() + 'api.ashx/v2/conversations.json',
    data: {
    'Subject': 'subject',
    'Body': 'body',
    'Usernames': 'vikas_5f00_sharma12'
    success: function(response) {

    conversation API (Rest) Error

    Note: Found an error that it is showing User could not be found but User is valid and we're using this user.

  • Update:  Tried again Widget API is working only when I tried to send message to another user except for Users are sending message to themselves but in my scenario, When Users want to update their accounts from MSD to AAD or vice versa so they will get a user token to Map their account as a message in the mailbox. But with this API, not able to get messages.
    Code is below:-

    #set($accessingUser = $core_v2_user.Accessing.Username)

    #set($conversationResponse = $core_v2_conversation.Create( $body, $accessingUser))

  • I don't think we ever intended a user to create a conversation with themself, so I am not suprised that does not work. You might consider creating your on velocity method to send the user token to the user.  In that method you could use the RunAsUser api to send the conversation from an administrator account to the user.