Edit function not working on a page

Hi  everyone- So after testing  a youtube video upload in a safe space on my community, I then proceeded to repeat the successful test in an active group on the site.

After uploaded the video via a generic widget, I can no longer see my forums or other key areas of the group. I suspect a javascript errot, but can't figure out why this didn't happen in the test run.

When I try to edit the page to delete the generic widget where I put the video, the edit menu appears, but no functions are available. This happened once before (which is why i tested it completely in a safe space on the site) but I could access the edit the page console on my phone. When I tried that now, there is a new message that reports I cannot edit on a small screen even though the pencil appears. as anyone seen this and if so, how do I get rid of the offending widget/video?

thanks in advance

  • Vanessa,

    I've modified the page so that the YouTube video isn't embedded anymore. Based on the behavior this video is colliding with some other content on this page (thus rendering it uneditable).

    I tested the video that you embedded locally and it does not behave the same way it did on this particular page.