Looking for specifics on ForumThreadQueryType param (and some issues with it)

The List Forum Thread REST endpoint has a parameter ForumThreadQueryType, but it doesn't specify what each of the values mean? I have done some experimenting and it isn't fully clear how it works.

Below I have provided my observations based on a querying 100 threads. Can someone confirm my findings, fill in anything I missed, and provide answers to my questions?


From the documentation: "Options are: All, Moderated, Answered, Unanswered, UnansweredWithNotVerified, AnsweredNotVerified, AnsweredWithNotVerified, Active, Unread, MyThreads. Default is All."

Docs Ref: https://community.telligent.com/community/10/w/api-documentation/61546/list-forum-thread-rest-endpoint


My findings and questions...

All: Returns threads with ThreadStatus values that include:

  • NotAnswered (questions with no suggested/verified answer)
  • Answered (questions with verified answer)
  • AnsweredNotVerified (questions with only suggested answer)
  • NotSet (for discussions)

Moderated: This throws an error, "The thread query type must be all, moderated, unanswered, answered, answerednotverified, active, unread, mythreads or authored.".  When I try "moderated" (instead of "Moderated"), I get all the same statuses as "All" ... what is the difference? Do the results for "All" and "moderated" overlap, or are they exclusive?

Answered: returns Answered, NotSet.

Unanswered: returns NotAnswered, NotSet.

UnansweredWithNotVerified: throws error, the same one as "Moderated".

AnsweredNotVerified: returns AnsweredNotVerified.

AnsweredWithNotVerified: returns Answered, AnsweredNotVerified, NotSet.

Active: NotAnswered, Answered, AnsweredNotVerified, NotSet.

Unread: Returns threads where "HasRead" is false.

MyThreads: Returns threads that I have created.

More questions:

  • "AnsweredNotVerified" did not return any discussions (i.e. ThreadStatus = NotSet), is that because my sample results were too small, or is this by design?  I just want to confirm whether all of these will return a ThreadStatus of NotSet (unless I also filter only on questions).
  • Based on the error message for "Moderated" it appears that these parameter values are case-insensitive, with the exception of "moderated"?
  • What is the definition of "Active"? It appears to be based on recent activity, but is there a precise definition for that?
  • It appears that the intent of NotAnsweredWithNotVerified was to fetch threads with NotAnswered + AnsweredNotVerified ... was this not implemented, or is the documented parameter value incorrect?
  • The error message for "Moderated" included an option "authored", which does appear to work.  What is the difference between "MyThreads" and "authored"?
  • Not a question, but "AnsweredWithNotVerified" works but is not listed in the error message.

  • "AnsweredNotVerified" would only return questions threads that have a reply marked as a suggested answer, this is by design.  

    "Moderated" should work with either "Moderated" or "moderated".  I've logged the below bug for this issue along with the "Active" and "UnansweredWithNotVerified" issues

    "MyThreads" vs "Authored":  "Authored" only shows thread you've authored.  "MyThreads" will include threads you've authored, replied to, voted on or subscribed to.

    Keep in mind, if you want "Answered", "AnsweredWithNotVerified", "Unaswered", "UnansweredWithNotVerified" to only return for questions, you can filter the "IncludeQuestions" = true and "IncludeDiscussions" = false.

  • > I've logged the below bug for this issue along with the "Active" and "UnansweredWithNotVerified" issues

    You mentioned logging a bug for the "Active" issue, what is the bug?

    Thanks for your response on the rest.

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