Configurable Plugin Data Type values?

I am migrating some configurable plugins from 8.5 -> 10.2  Looks like the configurable plugin stuff changed rather significantly.  Below are two examples of what I think I have migrated successfully, however the "DataType" property asks for a string...previously it was an ENUM.  Not entirely sure what to put for the string value of the data type now.

// This is one I think I updated to 10.2
var property = new Property { Id = "ThreadCreationLimit", LabelText = "Thread Creation Limit", DataType = "Int", DefaultValue = "1", OrderNumber = 2 }; 

// This is an old 8.5 implementation
var accountAge = new Property("AccountAgeMinutes", "Account Age In Minutes", PropertyType.Int, 1, "120")
    DescriptionText = "When account age is less than configured minutes, impose the limit."