Tag redundancy - setting similar tags equal to each other


I'm wondering about administering the concept of tag redundancy and how to control it. 


I tag my post milk

When someone is searching, they instead use dairy

I know that people search these related terms, so I set my tags as milk=dairy=milk products=lactose etc...

Does that functionality exist and can I administer it without going into code?

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  • Hey Justin, thanks for the question! Currently, leveraging it with some popular tags acting somewhat like categories. The most robust way is that we have a custom dropdown when users ask new questions to assign their version number to the question. This has been really helpful to cut out the admin questions our devs have to ask to begin helping the asker.

    Additionally, in the future we'd like to leverage tags even further by adding custom categories functionality by essentially adding mandatory custom tags. We used to have categories in our old platform and it's something we've been looking at for awhile since we migrated to Telligent.

    How about your community?