"More content" widget icons

The "More Content" widget seems to display icons for some content types, but not for others. In either case, it allows a space for the icon even when the icon is not present. Here, it is displaying related questions:

Is this a bug--there should be a question icon showing, because the list seems to be allowing room for it? We are on Telligent 10.2.1.

  • Looks like a bug, it also looks like that here on community.telligent.com.

  • A bug has been filed to look at improvements here.  


    If you have some familiarity with editing widgets, you could do something like the following:

    Update the widget to output an extra style for items without a thumbnail.

    <li class="content-item #if(!$item.Content.AvatarUrl || $item.Content.AvatarUrl == '')no-thumbnail #end" data-href="$core_v2_encoding.HtmlAttributeEncode($item.Content.Url)">

    And then target that style to adjust the appearance.   In this case, removing the indent from those items.

    .avatar-list .content-list .content-item.no-thumbnail {
        padding-left: 0;