Email addresses with symbols

We are trying to debug an issue with a user not receiving emails from Community. In the particular instance, the only thing that seems like a potential issue is that the user has a hyphen in the email address, in their name, before the @ symbol. We can see that the emails are not being sent out from Community for posts that she is subscribed to.  Is there a known issue with hyphens or any other symbols in the user's email address?  Or any other ideas that we should look into as to why the emails may not be getting sent out?

  • Hi .

    A few questions:

    • What is the full version of Community?
    • What type of authentication is the community using?
    • What is the email address regular expression pattern configured to (Administration > Authentication > Authentication Options)?
    • Are you seeing any logged exceptions regarding email?
    • Since there are various types of encoded hyphens, would it be possible to share the email address? I understand this is sensitive, so please do either anonymize it or open a support thread.