How to edit user settings in bulk--or turn off content sharing?

We are new on Telligent--all our users were recently ported over from another platform. 

All users were set were set to accept private messages from friends only (I believe this may be the out-of-the-box setting?), but this is causing confusion with users who see the "Share" option for content and see that they can't share with others. Our client users won't be setting up friend relationships, but our product support team use our extranet to answer questions, so they'd like to share content with client users. 

We've had requests to either 1) change all user settings to "Everyone" in the private messaging section (preferred), or 2) turn off the ability to share content, to remove the confusion. 

I've looked in the admin panel for a way to do either of these, and don't see how to accomplish #1 or #2. Has anyone in the community created a script to change this setting for all users?  (Note: Our users are healthcare professionals and we aren't worried about people messaging each other.) 

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.