10.2 Installation and setup


We current have 10.0 installed but looking to install a clean instance of 10.2 and port over the custom default configuration files.

Previously in 10.0 under the file storage folder there was a folder called factorydefaultconfigurations where all the theme files (css, js, etc) where referenced. However in 10.2 this folder seems to no longer exist.

Please can someone tell me where this folder (or it's files) have moved to, as we would like to add our corporate core CSS and JS files to the factory default.

Thank you in advance,

  • 10.2 introduced Theme Studio, bringing a new environment for developing themes with APIs that support defining and consuming your themes' configuration options as well as a simple front-end experience for managing and configuring those themes.

    As part of this change, themes are stored in a new format. The out-of-the-box theme in 10.2 has some updates to use some of these new features. Older themes are still fully supported, but they have to be converted to the new format. This happens automatically either on in-place upgrades or on import of a theme in the old format.

    As you plan on a clean install, I'd recommend exporting your theme and importing it into the new environment through Administration. I would strongly recommend against trying to manually move/convert on the filesystem.