return results from outside websites in Telligent search


The Telligent webpage says

Telligent Community uses a rating service to allow people to like and/or rate content, as well as a commenting service to enable more detailed feedback. These services are not necessarily tied to user generated content types (e.g., blog posts, forum threads, etc.) only and may be extended to be used on external content, such as a product page hosted on a separate content management system.


Telligent Community supports Open Search and can be integrated with other search platforms already in use.

We have a potential use case where we would want to use Telligent search to return search results from a separate website (in our case a documentation website). Not sure if it is relevant but neither the Telligent community or documentation site are public so Google is not going to index it.

Has anyone accomplished this or something similar and if so may be able to share details? Thanks for any help.

  • The simplest integration may be UI-only. As in, you could have a custom widget which talks to your your other search index. Or the existing search widgets could be updated to consume multiple indexes, though that could get complicated.

    If you want to integrate external content directly in Community's search index (and so be included in its search results in the UI and API), that's possible through a custom content type plugin. Essentially, the content model defines types of content, and those types can have different abilities as defined by the plugin interfaces the content type implements (i.e. likable, ratable, searchable, etc). A custom content type could define how its search results are presented, as well as make them filterable alongside the built-in content types (blogs, forums, etc). 

    Here's some more documentation along these lines:

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